Football Grants and Scholarships

The Offense-Defense Educational Foundation is dedicated to the enhancement of every facet of the youth football experience. The Foundation believes every young athlete deserves an equal opportunity to pursue and obtain their life's dreams without fear or worry of their financial condition or social status.

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Offense-Defense Football Camps Coach

To date, the Offense-Defense Educational Foundation has helped raise or set aside hundreds of thousands of dollars for young at-need athletes to attend instructional football events they otherwise wouldn't be able to participate in due to a litany of potential barriers. Thousands of athletes have gained the opportunity to better themselves and their skillset through assistance from the Foundation.

Moving forward, the Offense-Defense Educational Foundation will continue to break down the walls separating young athletes from their goals through monetary support, life-skills counseling, and athletic guidance. Initiatives and plans are also underway to expand what aid the Foundation can give leading to better opportunities for at-need football players to find college placement through academic and athletic improvement.